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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

So just a couple things to add to this very sparse blog of mine.
Firstly, stop on over and sign the petition to keep motorized flight OUT of USHGA's insurance mess. The form is on my front door, if you need directions, ask. It needs to go out on November 22nd at the latest so don't expect to sign it after that date.
Secondly- hey we FLEW on Saturday. Me, Mark, and Ron had really nice flights at Dansville and lots of sailplane company. Maybe the sailplane club will post some pics on their newsletter. They were all over us with the cameras when I landed there and Bob "skydog" Grant retrieved. The air was really friendly that day, gains of 1800+ and over an hour long. I had 3-400fpm avg climbs at times and the best part was the air show the hawks were performing on the end of the ridge. They were catapulting themselves upward for a couple hundred feet and then diving back into the trees. It was really quite amusing and they repeated the performance over and over. What a hoot!


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