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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Linda Salamone's Blog

It took me two days to get that blog up that is below here. Oh well....
So task 3: Bottom line: I can't eat chicken anymore......
Light winds forecast. We called an 80 mile "box the swamp" task that I have had a F%&&$% of a time with twice before. But I am determined to complete this one some day. Not today. I did get a fast start, got very high after the first TP (7K), and blasted over the swamp. No climbs there and I wound up just on the other side with only 900'. I stayed on course, set up a landing at 400', went downwind, base... and well I heard beepings.... saw a bird, took a turn, thought about making a deal with the buzzard to never eat a feathered being again, heard better beepings... sealed the deal (if you get me out of here i will NEVER eat a bird again) and blasted back to 5300' with hardly any drift back into the swamp. So, I was around 200' agl when I climbed back out. What I SHOULD have done was say if you get me out of here AND to goal.... Oh well. I tagged the second TP and went waffling up 301 with the French girl who never seemed to want to lead out although she was on top of me forever. I did manage to freak her out when I was following close behind at around 1200' and she went to throw a turn in. I think she was surprised to see me right on her ass. Note to self: clear your turns... Then I made sure that when she went down I picked a small field just beyond her... Fred Permenter and Mark shared the retrieve. Kari and Corinna made goal first and the Russian girl was later. I did okay- it was a good fight. Today looks awesome...


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