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Monday, June 11, 2007

I was pretty overwhelmed when I was still at Highland so here are the things I should have thought to say:

Thank you to...
Sunny and his crew at Highland Aerosports for putting on this comp so I could win some money, the Tjadens for giving me a ride even when I was sorta unpopular with my honey Lauren for a day, Pete Lehmann's bunch (esp. Drew) for giving me a ride when I smelled really bad, Sunny's bunch again for giving me a ride when I smelled even WORSE, Kraig Coomber for running to my aid whenever I had equipment problems (starting in Arizona), Dan Spier for sticking it out and letting me get to know him better (that doesn't sound quite right somehow), Davis Straub for being the best freakin' Score Nazi there is (not to mention his up-to-the-minute OzReport: what would we all do without it???), David Glover for eating the small noisy child, Dana and Mark for NOT eating my other children while I was gone, Meesha for being really well-behaved (except for when she threw up copious amounts of mucus on the way home), oh and let's see, who did I forget??? Oh that's right- my SPONSOR- Bob Roth at 360 Wireless- for helping offset my expenses (probably shoulda thanked him before the DOG.....)
Anyhow, I had such a great time seeing and flying with people like PK and Tom McGowan and everyone and I am still pinching myself over the whole thing and all I gotta say to Davis is: the tortoises shall inherit the earth.


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