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Monday, April 27, 2009

Blown out- day 2. But just marginally. We headed to the beach to try to soar the abandoned Holiday Inn near Turtle Beach. On my first go, I pinned off too early and landed down the beach too soon. The second tow, I reached down to release and didn't realize that the weak link (why did they have a weak link???) broke on the 'man tow' end simultaneously. Tom was soaring already and thinking I was off tow, I began my upwind run to the south. I heard some screaming.... "the rope! the rope!" and lo and behold, I had the whole rope dragging underneath and behind me, and Tom says, scraping all along the building's textured surface..... oh F*CK!!!!
I reached down with two hands and yanked again on the release. The rope gone now, I made a few passes and landed with my heart in my throat.....
Meesha has become a beach dog, and no seagulls, pelicans, or chickens died in the making of this blog....


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