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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Congrat's to Bob (HG-Bob) on his first high flight foot launch! We met at Bristol yesterday for a total crap shoot flight. No wind sock at launch (oh yeah and no wind talker either but that's a different topic) but Bob reported birds over the old launch so we headed up. The Suuby made it up the muddy road all the way to the top with just a few scrapes of the rack on the way clearance issues) and we took our harnesses in. When we say two more hawks playing in light lift just over launch we got our gliders and hoofed them in. By the time we got back and set up of course it was dead and probably very southerly..... So I threw Bob off. He did an awesome light/no wind launch, hesitated a little getting his feet in the bag of his slick Moyes XC harness, then flew out and set up a perfect approach and landed to the south right where we break down by the Bristol entrance. Picture perfect all the way!
I launched and sledded and I was on the ground in under 4 minutes- a fairly decent landing but - oh yeah- it's been so long since I landed my Sting..... hard to find the HUGE flare window when it's staring you right in the face!!! So the Sting with its shiny new leading edge is back in the air again! I got back home with 15 minutes to spare before the January RAF meeting. Mark had food under control and lots of people bought the fundraiser T-shirts... I think we got some business accomplished... I don't remember... it feels like spring and time to FLY!!
Mark and I are headed to Florida for the Feb 4th and 5th weekend. Looks like Bob and Doug Allen and a few others will join us. I am outta here on the 2nd through the 6th.


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