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Monday, May 22, 2006

Linda Salamone's Blog
Not much time to write so I will be brief. Yesterday the forecast was spectacular- Davis said he;d never seen anything like it. But then we were asked to make a "feel good" task to get more pilots to goal and have happy girls around. No one wants a bunch of unhappy women around...
So according to the forecast, I felt we undercalled the day. An out and return to Dallas and back, 66 miles or so. The forecast was wrong (again) at least for the northerly route we took. Cirrus clouds shut stuf off and made it very very tricky and slow. I was doing fairly well until the turnpoint, then I got hung up and watched KAri pull away. I was in slow climbs for a long time, found a place to land but got a decent climb at around 900' agl. So I took thant to fall 11 miles short opf goal. Carole (who is such a sweetie) was the last pilot I sawon course, she was turning way below me and I got over her and just never found what she was in. She literally climbed right through me while I floundered around. I had a decent landing next to the Turnpike, she went another 5 miles with her climb. I moved up to 7th place overall (one slot) and it kinda sucks because it was a teammate, not a foreigner whose place I took. But I feel good (tired but good) and I am going to go set up my glider for the task today... I have been telling all the birds that I encounter about my pact. They have been very accomodating showing me the lift.....


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