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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sunday, March 11- Harris Hill
After a HUGE carry in from the bottom by the gate, Harris Hill made it worthwhile! Doug Stoner, and then Mark, helped me heft my sweet HeavySpeed up the hill, and Dan carried my harness. After two trips up carrying gear, I was really in horrible shape to fly. But once my sweat dried, I was setting up fast to take advantage of some of what Mukrim was already having. My dog was having fun chasing deer like she does, and pilots were showing up steadily, although wearily, at the top while the sun came out. It was good to see my glider again, and launch was a piece of cake- straight up and 200 over. I couldn't zip up all the way, but I was comfortably warm the whole flight. Warm probably because it took an extra effort to keep my speed up- might have to change the CG on my hang point- and warm because of working against the slight left turn my glider favored. After 5 minutes I knew I would be pretty tired out. Oh and did I mention that I had taken a Spinning class first thing in the morning before all of this???? Everyone launched and took to the sky- first I was getting 500' over, then later 1400'over. Dan Walters reported 2K over. It was easy to fly all over even though sometimes it was blowing a bit hard- I saw 16mph a lot. Hawks came out and played and later I watched as Ed waited for a cycle to launch his New-To-Him Sport2. I was looking to land, but figured I would wait to fly with Ed a little. He did launch and it looked like he had everything under control. Dan and I set up landing approaches at around the same time- at this point it was difficult to find sink enough to get down. After 1:40, I landed, and on my feet! I was pretty beat, and everyone was grinning about their flights- all except HG-RW-PG Bob, who was MIA suddenly. Bob and Ron and Scott and Dave and Doug and Mukrim and Dan and Matt and Ed and Me and Mark. Good crowd for a Sunday in March. We went back up for a car/gear/dog retrieve, and my poor mutt couldn't walk well- she had worn the pads of her feet from their usual black to a newborn baby pink. She had nested in the leaf pile while we were flying and gingerly got up to make the trek back down with us. How pathetic!
But yay! We flew! Now I a sick and nursing my first cold of the season. Well Spring is definitely springing, and it was soooo good to see everyone again!


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