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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I spent 10 hours on Wed, June 13th in the emergency room at work with excruciating back muscle spasms; Thursday was spent in a drug induced stupor ; Friday I took my drugs and headed to work where my coworker shoved me in her car immediately and took me back home when I started puking there. But Saturday was a great flying day so all was well with the world for a bit. Short flight at Bristol (20 minutes) since it was a bit cross from the N. Impatient souls that Ron and Florian and I are- we headed to Harris for a couple of hours airtime with a bunch of other pilots for a sunset wonderwind. My back felt better than it had in days despite a rough top landing. Sunday was my 18 year anniversary for being clean and sober (I'm not counting the prescription stuff, obviously.) Sunday's MRI showed a couple herniated discs. So now I wait to see what I do next. Fun shit, different day. More later.


  • Congrats on the 18 years. I pick up my 13th chip in July. Keep living the dream !

    By Blogger Ray's blogger, at 7:12 PM  

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