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Thursday, May 15, 2008

When I returned home from flying Hammondsport today, my dog greeted me- not with her usual unquestioning jubilence- but by glumly raising her head for half a second and giving her tail half a thump, before returning to her sprawled out position on the living room floor. I know she saw the gliders on the car when I left this morning, and I've been telling her it's a special spring time deer hunting season... but she's no longer buying it. I found THIS on my pillow addressed to the RAF....

And H-port was truly ON today. Right off launch a sweet climb to 3K over and later a little higher in the valley. I flew for just under an hour and thermalled right over the south end of the lake- very cool flying over water! It suddenly got really rough, so I left the lake, but only to find even trashier air wherever I went. It was NE up high, NW just over the ridge, and W on the ground some places and N on the ground in other places. Strange... I decided to land and gave myself the big airport in which to do so. One of the airport owner's employees came over and was really welcoming- I have heard his boss can be okay, and then not okay about us landing there so I didn't know which greeting I would get- but it was all okay. I got home by 5:30....

Flights: 1

Airtime: 56 min

Alt2: 3330'

XC miles: 0 (but not a ridge monkey!)


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