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Friday, April 25, 2008

Santa Cruz Flats Race Day 5 Cancelled
The wind was forecast for less than Day 4, it was blowing less than day 4... but the day got called due to high wind, low ceiling. Campbell Bowen reported some big alt gains later as the rigids completed a task. Oh well...
So we went to the Casa Grande Ruins, which are not really in Casa Grande, but around 20 miles away. We saw all the places on the ground that we see from the air on task- the highlights of which include dirt mounds, prisons, and feed lots. I gave Mark my camera so at least some of the vacation pics would be a surprise to me.. He decided to take a picture that would end any of the controversy over a suspicious picture posted on the internet a while back... but for some reason right now I cant upload pictures... More later...
Today will be an awesome day to fly: light wind, high 'base'....


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