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Friday, April 04, 2008

So Lauren Tjaden jumped out of a perfectly good airplane last Sunday morning. Her tandem instruction began with the same legal crap every discovery hang gliding flight begins with - Paperwork...

Here is Lauren signing her life away.

After changing into several different outfits, Lauren settled on the faded black... Here she is pleading with Betty, the owner of the Florida Skydiving Center in Lake Wales, to let her change into something more flattering. Because, you see, it's not whether or not you survive the jump but how good you LOOK doing it that's important...

Getting cozy with her instructor, Mario Luppa. (really, what a slut!)

Practicing the exit:

I can add nothing here.

This is Lauren's "deer in the headlights" look:

It's pretty much too late to turn back now... brave little Lauren...

Very sweet landing. (it's video- click "play"!)

Happy to be back on solid ground...Lauren is actually KISSING The ground! Congrats, Lauren, on your very first skydive. You survived AND looked really cute doing it!


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