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Thursday, January 03, 2008

"Hey y'all, what's this??" ( a bunch of engineers?)

"dunno. mi no comprende"

Let's see what it does.

Pulley secured at the far end of the field.

"Hey y'all, watch this!!!"

"Hey, y'all watch THIS!"

"Hey y'all, look at this."

"Let's try it with a glider instead."

First tow- Ron "the welder" Letzin (without whom none of this would be possible)

"Wow. It worked."

Guinea pig #2 (Me)

Guinea pig #3 (Mark Frutiger)

And finally, Doug getting high.

So it was a very successful first attempt at using the scooter system. Still some bugs to work out but all-in-all, very do-able!

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