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Sunday, September 30, 2007

I haven't updated this in a while- been busy! I have had a few decent flights, however, yesterday's has inspired me to write it up.
But I have to start with Friday, September 28th...
I had Lasik!!!! A belated birthday present from Mark, I was a perfect candidate for the simplest surgery and when I went for my follow up on Saturday morning- just 24 hours post-op- I had 20/20 vision. Besides the halos I see at night (I can expect those to go away), everything went decidedly perfect. It is by far the best gift I ever got- perfect eyesight! Yeah well I said perfect a lot but that's what I mean!!!!! When Mark has his eyes done, he'll need at least 5 days off of his entire life so we'll try to get that done this winter. We'll probably need to borrow a seeing eye dog for then!
Saturday, September 29- Hammondsport
So I am not supposed to get any water or blasts of wind in my eyes, or let them dry out at all. I guess that flap thingie can come un-flapped if things get super dry. Wearing my LasikMD shades, and lubed up with all kinds of drops, I was undecided about trying to fly. It didnt look primo so I drove a while for the folks doing the ridge buffing early. The second trip down to the LZ had me getting anxious- things were improving and I really wanted the bragging rights of flying a hang glider the day after Lasik surgery- I mean- how often does THAT happen? Since the air was mild and the flights were short, I estimated the risk to be manageable. So I set up my glider. Everyone was milling about and hang waiting when I was done.
After Jack launched the tandem, I got in the slot, pushing Ed out. I saw 5 or 6 hawks WAAAAAY up high under a cloud to the left of launch, but pretty still out front. Another hawk climbing up from the valley floor in front now- but deader on launch. I launched as hard as I could, pulled in for speed, and dove low towards the trees below, then let out and headed for the hawk. He went squawking away and I started turning, slow climb at first but it was wide, and soon it turned into 4-500fpm and at 2K over I though about my eyes. They were watering ( a good thing) and I could see great. At 4K over I was very cold- I had left my gloves behind. I pulled my sleeves over my hands and then I noticed a scary thing- I couldnt see so well anymore. I blinked and blinked. Really foggy. I panicked a little. I looked around and felt no pain in my eyes, but still a uniform fog was everywhere I looked. Oh shit I better get down! I flew straight toward the valley, blinking and tearing up, and suddenly, all was clear. I turned back and saw the cloud that I had been under. Wow. Guess I was a little close??? I went back to it, and flew the street all the way back to the west bowl. I saw PGs and HGs on the ridge, a few were landing. I told Mark I would land on top and he was stuck in line on launch. The whole sky dried up as I made a sweeping pass all around, burned off the rest of the altitude and landed (didnt even drop the nose!) on top. Katrin arrived with my car soon after and I just have to say that word one more time- PERFECT!
Airtime- 45 minutes
Alt over launch- 4200'


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