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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Saturday 8/4/07
Flew H-port. It was windier than we expected so we didn't rush to launch. Finally a few brave souls did. My launch was great, thank you. But the flight sucked for a while. I was getting beat up and I didn't like the air much. Below launch was even worse. I found a decent thermal at one point with Dan pimping off me as usual. Then me, him and Phil Brown climbed to 4K over- Phil and Dan getting 3 or 400' higher than me. I was trying to stay in the friendliest piece of air I could find. When that petered out I saw that Mark had launched and asked if it was any better on the ridge. Nope, he said it was less than friendly so I decided to top land. I beaked in a bit in the tall weeds, but not too shabby in the crappy rotor. Andrew had already landed and Phil was right behind. There were like 20 pilots at H-port today. It was pretty nice to see that many people flying. When I broke down, it was getting nicer and Armin took me for a tandem PG flight. I had to grab the windsock on the lower launch as we launched. It was funny to grab it and move it aside on our way by- Armin knew nothing about it as he reverse launched. In the air I had just taken the controls and was doing turns when I saw Andrew pile into the lower launch. I called Phil on my cell phone, who was getting ready to launch the upper one (funny what you can do in a PG) and asked him to check on Andrew. He called back and said he was okay and that everything was under control. Good thing he didn't launch because I saw the upper windsock do a complete 360 and blow straight down the slot as it had done on the lower one after Andrew had launched. Me and Armin made a quick descent and had a typical PG landing. So unlike the hang gliders!!!!
Dinner at the Tavern (awesome) and just a great day flying and socializing.
Flights: 2 one HG one PG
Duration: 1:04 and like 45 minutes?
Alt over launch: 4150' and ??? like 2K??


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