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Monday, July 30, 2007

Sunday July 29, 2007
Harriet AGAIN-
I guess the locals call it "Spencer". That's weird to hear since we always call it Harriet. Or Scariet. Harriet Hollister Spencer State Park.
Anyhow- Sean and I met up at the roundabout on Rte 65 and went to drop his car off in the LZ. We had hemmed and hawed enoough about where and when to go- the forecast was a bit iffy. Scott Rowe's glider was in the alternate LZ where we left Sean's car, but no sign of Scott. We went up top and it was blowing in nice at times and there was quite a crowd. We launched and sledded. Karl and Katrin had extended PG flights and it was a race back to the top where now it was blowing in really really nice. Mark took K and K up and Scott got my glider on his car and carted Sean and I up. I was set up quick but reluctant to dummy, so "conditions look perfect- you go first!" was the battle cry. Sean took the bait and launched and it looked really scary. I got into the slot- my launch was okay but noisy as I ran through the tall weeds. Sean was getting up a bit around the east face so I joined him. Soon I was 1500' over and flying right over launch and watching Scott in the slot. He launched and then Karl, but Karl's flight was short. I pimped off Scott for most of the flight and he took me on a tour to the north and then way out into the valley. It was a classic Harriet wonder- go anywhere and find strong-ish lift in the weirdest places. I was calling to my dog on launch and she was looking up at me with Katrin. The highest I got was 1700' over but it felt higher and I was having a great time with the view of all the finger lakes and the colored gliders bobbing around. I couldn't outlast Sean, though. Every time I thought he would have to go land- he'd just keep scratching around. I was getting bored and low so after almost two hours I finally went in to land. I had to spiral in some sink to beat Scott down since our altitude was about even. I landed squarely in the gully even though we all had joked about that earlier- but at least I didn't get wet. A quick run to the top to get the dog and the car and we were all on our way out to grab some food. Mark was just getting home after some tandems and playing around in the Dragonfly so a good day flying overall. I think we may have recruited some spectators to either take lessons or tandems- there was a ton of interest in what we were doing. And they were incredibly patient- some of them were there for hours. That's the great thing about the location of that launch- it makes us really visible to the public- the fit and active public (potential students). It is really intimidating to launch in front of a lot of people, especially when patience is needed for just the right cycle there. I know I launched 10 minutes too early the first time. But I'll keep that in my mind the next time I head to Harriet.
Airtime: 12 and 1:48
Alt above launch: zero and 1700'
Flights: 2


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