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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Saturday, July 14 2007

Looking for a place to fly- we decided on Dansville, but upon arriving, decided it was too windy and the launch was too overgrown. So we headed to the sailplane port after watching Armin and Bob and Karl L launch. Armin was doing okay in the PG although not penetrating much. His launch looked scary but he had it under control. Bob's launch was one of the most frightening (besides my own) that I have seen in a while. I still can't believe we weren't picking him out of trees soon after. Karl had a nice launch and probably the nicest flight. I was kicking myself for not setting up- until I got a GREAT glider flight in. Two hours of stick and rudder- giving Riz a thermalling lesson and going to Canadice and back. After outclimbing a couple of gliders late in the flight, a trip out into the valley in 200fpm lift flying straight over the airport, it starts to rain and Riz wonders why I am so freaked. Well mylar doesn't do well in rain. I found out fiberglass is okay though. But the highlight of the flight was the Stealth Bomber that passed by us and made a huge circle over Dansville- probably a runaway from the Geneseo Airshow. Strange sight up close. Thanks Riz for a great flight and Mark for talking me into it! I have two more in my intro package so I will be back for more...


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