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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sunday 8/5/07
Italy Valley
Not as many people showed up today. Gary was mowing the launch with Louis. Karl and Katrin and Andrew showed up. Me and Ron got set up and I launched first. I went to the east and got a nice one to 1500' over. Louis asks on the radio if I am at 1500'. How does he do that? I waited til Ron launched and then waited some more for him to get high. But then I got low and had to pimp off him. I got up again and went way south to find a bird turning when I saw that Ron was headed to land. I got to 3500' over in this one and decided to leave. The landing options are less than great here so I figured I'd head to Bristol where I knew it would be coming from the south in the valley there. But I made it across Canandaigua Lake and not much further. I tried to grow balls fast enough to slip into the Bristol Valley, but the ,acl of landing options kept me pinned to Rte 12 for a while and then I just picked the last good field and landed. A few locals stopped and the landowner came out and everyone was really friendly. I saw the clouds form over me after I was packing up and wished I had had more patience. But it was better than the ratty flights they were getting at the flight park so I picked the right place to go, and got a little XC in as well. Ron was right on top of things and picked me up just as I was finishing breaking down. A frozen slushy, home by 5:15... can't beat that!
Flights: 1
Duration: 1:10
Alt over launch: 3600'


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