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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's been a while since I've posted mostly because the flights have been few and far between. But one good thing has come about in the last few weeks- I got my instructor rating. Paul Voight had a clinic a couple weeks ago and Emily, Mark and I all headed down. Emily got an impromptu trip to NYC since Saturday was blown out. An early birthday present. She has since had another birthday present- her wisdom teeth came out today- but I digress....
Anyhow, Paul shortened up the clinic on Sunday, Nov 4th, so we could go fly since gliders were parked all over the sky above Tony's house, where we had been captive all weekend. Alas, he didn't shorten it quite enough- it was pretty dead and I got an extended sledder (13 minutes) just below launch altitude- even though Mark had completely set up my glider to save me time and daylight. Mark had had a great flight earlier, coming down after 90 minutes when his zipper blew out. Emily got to catch up with an old friend in town and we beat it out of there after the flying.

I also committed aviation last Sunday- Nov 18th, at Harriet Hollister. Cold day- 33 degrees, wind a bit from the SE when we arrived. But I had a nice launch after Doug Fien flew a bit and I thought I was in for a sledder. I was surprised to find myself 400' below launch but climbing in a tiny ratty thermal that got a little bigger and better as it cracked the ridge. I only managed 400' above but it was well worth it and I stayed warm enough since I was working really hard. When that lift petered out I just set up to land and it was really punchy over the field below. I picked a spot way to the south where it was a little more open and less punchy but still beaked in a bit in the tall weeds. Doug F and Matt C launched later and had a much nicer flight in a more NEasterly wind. I think it was almost a wonderwind. Mark declined to fly and drove for us all. We got home before the sun went down and had a nice dinner at Beale Street.

So two more flights this year- Ellenville- 13 minutes 0' over Nov 4th
and Harriet 21 minutes and 400' over Nov 18th...
it aint over yet!!!!


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