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Friday, April 11, 2008

No indecision....
I like having a boss that says, "Go on, get out of here and go fly". Really. I have one that said that yesterday. I saw that the weather was really going to turn to crap and Thursday could be the last day to get some airtime before Arizona. The wind was predicted to be NNW then going NE by midafternoon, and even though it was NW when we all arrived in Bath, I pushed the idea of trying Mossy (even though I DETEST that launch) after the skunking we got at H-port with a similar forecast last weekend. We got our gear in and set up quickly. Karl launched and since I have never seen a PG go off there, much less a PG go off forward, I have nothing to compare it to. But let me say - it looked awesome!!! Karl got right up and soared from 100-500' over all the while Mark and Bob and I were setting up. Mark went next and after some dodgy looking ground handling at the edge, had a perfect launch. I went next and launched that WIDE Saturn. I lost a bunch of altitude but recovered and got above the cliff pretty quickly. Mossy Banks, being only around 450' high, doesn't afford too many opportunities to recover from getting low. But with a 5mph steady wind straight in, the steepness of the whole rock faced ridge makes it easily soarable. The air was so nice, smooth, no sharp edges, and sometimes we all got a little low, but then it seemed to improve in waves. Bob launched and then things got a little crowded for a while. Two PGs and two HGs and that tiny ridge... but after an hour or so, it got a lot better and the lift was way out in front and we were separated by altitude and more soaring space. That Saturn is really sweet in this kind of air and I was just having a blast. One by one, everyone top landed and I just hung out for a while and then followed suit. Again, not the prettiest landing, but safe anyhow. Karl realized he had lost his wallet, probably while in the air, so we went back to launch to check if it was around, and get the gear we left behind from the launch. Bob was getting ready to launch his T2 now, but he didn't have a lot of luck once he did. I packed up and got home while it was still light out. Nice day!!!
Airtime: 1:20
Alt over launch: 1150'
XC miles: 0


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