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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

ECC Day 3 (Tuesday June 3)

No flying today- too windy cross to the runway. Jonny and Dustin were the only ones smart enough to not set up...

I will try to get some relevant and not-so relevant pics up..... We went to the local swimming hole and watched "Stupid Human Tricks" for a while. I talked Mary Spier into swimming across to the "sunny side" of the river with me, only to have a rather large snake slither out of the water next to us there and freak us all out when it tried to rub the glob of watery moss off it's head in an irritated dance.... A few pilots were contemplating jumping off the 30ft railway bridge, even after a few guys had good hard smacks on the water's surface... I yelled to them to get the sand out of their pussies and a few of them actually jumped, thinking that if me and Mary made it down there that way, surely they could... Soon the rope swing caught everyone's attention and people in canoes came by in a steady stream to laugh at our stupidity. I went up to the railway bridge and of course my own dog is smart enough not to try to cross it. Some ties are missing and the gaps are pretty wide. I froze more than once while trying to get out to the jump-off part. I was just making my way back to safety when I hear Mandy Brown yelling at Dana - reminding her that she's supposed to be "the good daughter"... I watched as my 20yr old leapt off the tracks to the snake infested waters below... well there goes my driver for the rest of the meet!!!! But no, she entered the water perfectly and swam to the shore, unfazed by the experience. We left the poison ivy/tick ridden swimming hole and got dinner. Later the rain came but we actually stayed pretty dry last night. I kept imagining ticks on me, even as I tried to sleep. My boss was spending the evening in the ER in Rochester with my other daughter, who was having a chest-cold induced asthma attack. This morning at 5am they finally got home. So, excitement to be had by everyone, everywhere!

Here is a picture of my injury, however. Since this blog is really all about me... I'm sure it will elicit all sorts of sympathy. Thanks to Jamie for providing the lovely band-aid...


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