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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hi, I'm Linda Salamone and I am the entire US Women's Hang Gliding Team for 2010. The Women's World Championship is in Tegelberg, Germany this year- May 8th through May 22nd. Here is the website:
My budget is just over $4300. This is the main reason I am alone representing the United States. Not too many people can take unpaid leave from work after exhausting all vacation and digging into their non-existant personal funds to go. Some of you may have already purchased a T-shirt, and a few (awesome) people have simply donated some money to help offset some of my expenses. The Foundation for Free Flight has granted my registration fees, and USHPA has provided some free advertising for my fundraiser T-shirts. I don't really have a lot of creative ideas about how to raise funds besides selling some pretty awesome T-shirts, and in the past, it was pretty successful. This time around, however, I have just this week broken even on what I spent on producing the shirts. I do have a few opportunities coming up at the demo days and the comps in Florida to sell some more, but I'm beginning to panic and I'm certain I'll have to take out a personal loan to make this event happen. I know a lot of people are cutting back on non-essential expenditures, and I get that, but if you're not in a horrible financial mess like a lot of people are, please take a look at this page and see if you might want a shirt- for you, or your wife, or your teenage daughter (the girly camis are super cute- plus when is there a time when you can buy your S/O something hang gliding related at all???). There are some on display and sale at Quest and at Lookout Mountain, too.
It would be great to not have a HUGE box of shirts to haul around until I actually leave for Germany.
Also, if there are any business owners or entrepreneurs that would like exposure in the Bavarian Alps, I'm willing to advertise on my glider/face/chest/butt (half kidding) and I've been told by Corinna that this is likely to be a media circus. So any potential sponsors out there-let me know.
Help me keep the US Women's Team viable, this year and in the years to come.
This shameless post was incredible difficult to send. But I'll only apologize to the HPAC group... they're Canadians...
Thanks for reading this whole thing.
Linda Salamone


  • Really great to hear you're competing again, bummer it was a bad start but certainly conditions sound challenging. I would love to know what advice you got re flying when wet - care to elaborate?

    By Blogger helen, at 8:41 PM  

  • people gave me lots of suggestions on facebook. jet-dry for one. there's an article on ozreport now about it. mainly- fly FAST, do wingovers, keep VG on, shake and wang it to get the water OFF. then come in like a bat out of hell to land. pretty much everything i DIDN'T do... main thing would be- don't fly in the rain!! sorry for the late reply....

    By Blogger Linda Salamone, at 9:35 PM  

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