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Friday, January 13, 2006

January is turning into a decent flying month! Whodathunkit?
Yesterday, Jan 12th, Dansville was calling out to me! 50+ degrees and straight SW wind at around 10-15mph.... sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! So of course I can't cajole anyone else into it although on the way there Andy Cu decides to blow off all of his responsibilites and head out. Mark says he'll be there later at the very least to give me a ride back up, Bob Roth has other obligations but he might try to go...
When I get to the top, it is blowing STRAIGHT in, 10+ mph and very very steady, nothing gusty or scary, no lulls to make me think it will be a sledder. I called Bob and told him to DROP whatever he was doing! I set up FAST and launch easily. The Sting is so much quicker to put together- by 15 minutes I think. I climb out slowly but I can tell it will be tricky- the lift is small and disorganized. I had to do a lot of swishing around, not really full turns or 360s, to stay in it. I saw Mark and Andy pull up on top a few minutes into my flight. I watch them set up while at times I am sure I will sink out. I topped out just over 500' but most of the flight was 2-300' over and very busy. I was thinking Mark better hurry and launch or I won't get a chance to herd him around in that slow PG of his. Still no sign of Bob. Mark joins me and I tried to screw with him but I didn't trust my control in such punchy tiny lift. One second it's there, the next second-gone! But it was fun air anyways and when Mark went way west and started to climb past the spa, while Andy and I were pretty low out front of launch, I chased him. I got a little on that west face and I watched Mark go land by the football field. I landed after 47 minutes in my big ass field short of the airport. Bob was on top when Mark got a beer and a ride up from a couple at the football field so he helped him launch. Andy was in the soybean field after an extended sledder, so I hoofed down Main Street towards him watching Bob take the late day wonderwind while the full moon rose behind the ridge and the sun set in front. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

I am officially winning the air-time contest this year. :)


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