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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Saturday, March 11th
What a beautiful March day. I didn't think the flying would be much good, due to like ZERO wind (and conflicting directional forecasts- read: L&V). So I was painting the third floor hallway and Mark was trying to goad me into heading to Italy Valley. I figure it will be a day to fill the "favors" bag right up by retrieving him after multiple sledders. I knew Doug and Matt and Bob would be there so it looked like a good hanging out with my friends day in the spring-like air.
We get there- it's pretty dead like I had anticipated- but reportedly cycling....
I set up and Mark launches. Sleds out..... but no- he is circling 10 feet above the old LZ.... then he lands in a prickly tree....
The PGers all went once and we go back up top, things are looking better. Now it's after 3pm and I saw some SE wind forecasted for 4pm so I think I'll still wait. But then there are two hawks climbing out in the valley, and Doug catches this cycle and it looks nice! Ron launches, Bob launches (oops too late for Bob). After a bit they all go down. When it cycles back up, I take off and get up and over a few hundred feet and it is exactly the kind of air I like. Very light wind, good solid lift, but you have to really pay attention and push out to milk it. I have a crappy sink-rate but I still got to use the PGers as boueys. Mark got above me after a few minutes and I never got over him again. But we played around in this easy light air- me for over 45 minutes and like 550' over and it was just a great little flight! I ended it with a decent landing approach and good landing. Mark came in right behind me- he was last in the air.
Hang gliding doesn't suck at all.


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