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Friday, June 16, 2006

Finally got a flight in at the Flight Park after many attempts. It was the first air time I got since the last day of the Worlds. I took a tow to 1700 feet behind Mark and didn't hit much of anything. VG was set too shy so the tow was tough. But behind Marty for the next one I thought I had it set correctly but we were towing over the "ridge" to the WNW and I got blasted high and he almost came up to meet me, then I hit bigger lift and he got dropped. I released at a hundred feet or so... He towed Bob up in the Atos just before that one and Bob was doing alright so I tried again, this time pinning off at almost 2K on what I thought was lift, but wasn't much. I thought Bob had landed but then I saw him SE of the field working some bug fart. I made a bee line and got in the thing at 6 or 700 feet and stayed in it a little while- at least til Bob landed! So for the most kick ass day I have seen all year - easily 100 miler - I got my sorry little flights in at 6pm at FLAP. Launching at noon or just after would have for SURE been epic. Too bad work and kids get in the way so much. Today looks promising if all those sticky little logistics work out okay. I have a fall back (Bristol)and that seems to be the way to plan from now on.


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