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Monday, April 02, 2007

Friday March 30th at Mossy Banks (again)
I say "again" not only because that's where we flew, but because I already posted this flight report but lost my internet connection before it got published. So I will try again!
I was headed to Hammondsport since the forecast was PERFECT for there, but on the way down Doug reported a 90 degree cross and they were headed to Mossy. It took some convincing for me to settle on Mossy, since the flag was very NW (Mossy is due N), but finally we headed up top and set up. Jamie launched first and got up pretty quickly. Todd was right behind, and he was just a bit above when I got ready, and again, I didn't look over the edge and took a few steps running off the steep edge. It took a little to get above but soon Todd and I were duking it out. My glider had decided to be more like the brat it had been the day before rather than the pussy cat it handled like at Italy Valley. Definitely a preference to turn left and once I got a wing lifted close to the terrain and I thought I was going to impale myself on the flag at the lookout. Coming in for a landing later I experienced the same thing and almost wound up 180 degrees off my intended path. Litespeeds- do they ever just fly straight??? Anyways, the flight was nice, pretty smooth at times once I got to around 6 or 700' over and then we were all able to stay around a thousand over easily. I finally got a chance to check out that other bump of a ridge to the east and soar it for a bit. Everyone else landed and just Todd and I were still up. I decided to let him have the ridge especially in case it shut down all at once- I didn't want traffic in the LZ. I set up and after my unintentional direction on approach, I had a landing that my glider didn't appreciate much. But dinner with the gang was fun at Bin Bin and even though it wasn't an H-port flight, it was a pretty good way to end the week.
Airtime 1:20
Alt A2 1005'


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