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Monday, April 09, 2007

US Nats, Day 2, Task 2
Well Easter Sunday began cold with lighter winds. Two tasks were called since the forecast was varied. I saw just light wind so I wasnt surprised when they stuck with the first task. 3 pilots launched when the window opened, but two fell down. Only Jack stayed up and once it looked like he was climbing well, everybody got launched. I was up and climbing okay, and left with the second little gaggle, and I stayed high and glided well and fast for the first leg. Lauren was right on my heels the whole time. I had 900fpm on my averager for one of the climbs- very sweet- to like 4700'. After tagging the first TP, I saw George go way left of the course line and I told him I had a good line right on the course and a big gaggle ahead of and below me. So I was headed for them, and George stopped for a climb. He said someone had been keyed on their radio annoyingly for a long time and I said since I didn;t hear it, well, it musta been ME! He tried to radio back to come over with him, but I was headed for that gaggle. They looked low enough to catch and be on top but when I looked at my altimeter I was only at 2K. They were LOW. And upon further inspection, I realized they were turning, but NOT CLIMBING. Uh oh, hard left turn over to George's thermal.... too late, they are leaving and I just get the farts they left behind. Lauren comes in high over me, and we waffle a bit, and then leave, me at 1000' and desperate. I did find a puff of lift, at 280' and I turned a few 360s in that until I drifted over the woods. I dove into the field and barely had time to unzip or stress about the landing. Well, I know for sure I am like DEAD LAST today, so that sucks. Then Mark flies overhead high and waves, and I see Lauren a short time later high and headed to TP 3. Ah well, tomorrow, I hope, is a different day. The one thing that I did do right was- I flew fast. I was doing 48-50mph on my glides and getting the best part of the climbs and leaving right when it petered out just over 4K. It got higher later, unfortunately, I wasn't in the air to see that firsthand. Ron had a hell of a time getting me- poor guy was about to go fly when I called- I was the only one who landed out so it screwed up his day.
Can't think of much else to say except I could use some well wishing and a little mojo if anyone's got any to spare.... It was a really fun flight afterall and I did have a really good go of it just one climb or two behind t he lead gaggle.


  • keep positive. Don't be your own adversary. GO BITCH!

    By Blogger OB, at 11:35 AM  

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