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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I don't have too much to say about the flight- It was really nerve-wracking before launching, knowing how high we may get and how rough it might be. Jamie mirrored my biggest fear: if you are that high, and you want the flight to be over, it takes a very long time to have it BE over. But the air was not very rough, and diving at dust devils was pretty benign.... (from 3K- a "low save").
I flew with the lead gaggle for two thermals, then they ditched me while I got to a climb late. Then I flew alone and floundered a bit in a big flat area. I saw Rob Clarkson low when I was at 3 or 4K. Then I started hunting dusties. And it worked. I hooked up with Mark Dowsett at the first TP and tried to get him to leave at 13,000' since my hands were so numb. We did go on glide, mine was awesomely better(!) but in the end it mattered not. After a 20 mile glide, we waffled around with Arman and hit the deck. I saw a few others nearer the TP and higher.
3 hours and 15 minutes, I don't know how far I went. Just shy of the 2nd TP. VERY fun flight. The landscape is awesome, had good landing with full VG while I popped my zipper, great retrieve, shrimp for dinner, a hot shower, and bed. Too bad I keep waking up at 4am here.


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