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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Training Hill Flights - May 2, 2007
Dana, my lovely daughter, is taking lessons, and I had to work all day, so Mark and I headed to the training hill with PG and the Freedom. My fist flight however, was on a 145 Dream, supplied by another pilot's daughter- Mandi Brown. Rick was concerned about the CG point and at his weight, he may not get a good sense of trim speed. I launched it in very light wind, let the nose out after getting airborne, and it is trimmed a little slow, but not so much that changing the hang point is needed. The strap itself is as far forward as it can go- without doing some fancy split around the kingpost and crossbar block. But the Dream flew well, no turns, except I wondered when the right wing dropped on landing if there may be a very slight one.
Back to the top of the hill I go to try the Freedom. It is much bigger (the Dream is such a toy!), and it felt more substantial on my shoulders. A good hard run- no wind now- and it launched really sweet. I was trying to go as far as I could for Mark's sake (carrying to the car), and screwed myself by not trying some hard turns (to see how much authority I have at my weight) but I am certain that in lighter wind I won't have any problem. I do need to hang a little lower that Mark's hang strap allowed by like 4 inches. Funny thing about my landing- I flared a little early and... .dropped the right wing some.... So must be me and not the glider(s)! I need to remember that the weight of this glider on landing is NOTHING like having a Litespeed fall on you when you flare too early.
Anyhow, the students were doing really well, some are getting way off the ground and even flaring some. Good class, lots of girls! In fact, last night at Padgem there were FIVE, I said FIVE female pilots!!!! it is truly a new millenium....
Going flying today with the Freedom.... just don't know where yet. It's the NORTH harriet/h-port/mossy/cliffs shuffle.


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