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Friday, April 13, 2007

US Nats Day 6 Task 6
The weather got ugly in the morning, but cleared up in time to change the task for the day. It was now a 70+ mile run past the goal from yesterday, where we would fly beside the lake in a cross wind. I towed up a little early, and had a weak climb for a while with an increasing number of pilots. We drifetd out of the field, near misses with the tight shitty climbs- the phantom was particularly tough for me to thermal with. When we drifted out of the start circle, finally we got a decent climb. Once I topped it out, I see everyone run back towards the Ridge. I radioed to Tom- where is everyone going???? Start clock he said. Well, screw that, I think- I fought hard for this altitude (4K) and I ain't giving any up to play THAT game.... So they all come back low and I go find my next climb. Tom caught up to me a few thermals later (two, maybe) and Jack was around. The climbs were a little finicky but sometimes really good. At one point, 38 miles out, it got really good and I got to base at over 5K. A bunch of other gliders joined me just below and when we left we all fanned out and searched. The clouds were fat and juicy and pretty lined up. I could see the airport where I landed yesterday and just glided along.... along... along... a long long long long time.... found no lift and landed facing the lake. Well, talk about lake effect shutting odwn the lift! Good reason to not have a flying site right next to a lake like pretty much ALL of ours are!!! Well, the farmer was a bit pissed, I was the second one there. I apologized and said we'd be gone in 10 minutes since Ron was on his way. Well I was just about broken down, and it started raining gliders in this guys field. 6 more pilots saw this as the best spot before the town of Okeechobe and this farmer was just NOT happy! But he did open the gate and let us all out and just said that he was having problems with trespassers all the time. Oh well. Mark and Tom landed about 10 miles further along and we went to get them. Another pilot was int he field but we left him behind due to space issues in the car. Mark left him his phone, but I hear he was in that field til pretty late at night. Oh man, that was awful. We also gave him a beer but I think that wasn't quite enough....
Okay no scores yet but I am desperate to have Lauren to compete against (she was sick yesterday) so I set up her glider and put it on the line so she could just show up and fly.....I feel like a Swift pilot now... .


  • Nice job Linda! Thanks for the right-up. Keep up the good work and good luck today!

    By Blogger Todd Sheehan, at 9:40 AM  

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