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Monday, May 07, 2007

the view from our room-

Arizona- Santa Cruz Flats- pre-comp

The meet starts today (well at least I got the day right!) and I did fly yesterday, although very briefly. The digs are pretty sweet here. The place was used as a training camp for the San Francisco Giants so it has a decidedly "baseballish" theme.
So I will try to update, remember to take pictures, and get myself into "comp mode". It's hard to do when we're not dealing with mosquitoes, deflating camp beds, howling pea fowl, shared showers, toilets in timbuktu, clothes on the wet floor of the tent....
Also, my sister, Laura, and her man, Corey, are here. Corey towed me up yesterday- thought I was at 3200', pinned off, realized I was at 1400', landed shortly thereafter.....Ah yes, here the A2 is NOT the same as A1.... this ain't Florida!
The dust devils we have been seeing are pretty scary. They are stories high and crop up anywhere. Cloud base is incredibly high... this is gonna be interesting.


  • Love the pictures. Looks like you guys are in paradice! Good luck this week! We'll be watching :)

    By Blogger Todd Sheehan, at 1:10 PM  

  • Nice to see some Rochester pilots.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:05 PM  

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