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Monday, July 21, 2008

Linda in Italy... yup... on the phone...
Early morning view out the back of the hotel window.

The signs are like those picture/word puzzles....

Horses headed up to launch. Cows, horses.... They got everything going on up there.

Looks a bit blown out to me... Monte Cucco launch.

Um, yeah, just a little windy...
So we decided to hike up to the top peak after watching a pilot get behind the mountain and get rotored pretty badly. An ambulance was leaving the mountain later with lights on and we heard he was okay but it was pretty scary.

Nicole placing her juju rock at the summit....

The incredibly (overly) friendly Italian Team- waiting for the opening ceremony to begin.
The ceremony was fairly brief and the food and wine was abundant afterwards.
Today is not good here but we are headed south to Costaluccio (sp???) I think.... maybe flyable there. At least we'll see more of Italy today.



  • Go Linda!!!

    Go go go !!!!

    By Anonymous Lance, at 9:12 AM  

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