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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Task 6 Women’s Worlds
Our start was moved up to 2pm and it was a bit of a rush to get stuff going – funny how we get into our little habits. I have my ritual of walking way down launch and cranking up my iPod before the pilot briefing and I had to cut that short today. Lisa and I got off in the middle of the pack and my launch was easy. We were at the north launch- again- and it seemed like gentler air judging by the rigids and swifts getting up. I had a decent climb but couldn’t get comfortably high- that would repeat itself for the hour that I waited for the start gate. Lisa and I got something out in the valley but when 20 other gliders appeared to be in the stratosphere, I realized we were not doing something right. Back in front of launch a bit low again and Lisa headed out into the valley while I got trashed with a swift and another flex wing. But it finally turned on and I got through the lower inversion. Much better up there. I went over the back towards the start circle and heard Lisa was getting low. All the other flex wings were past the gate by now- I was late 7 or 8 minutes but damn, was I high! I headed across the valley in front of Monte Cucco and it was lifty and nice all the way to Gubbio. The second point was just beyond and clouds were forming and the bases were 3000 meters msl. The rigids were everywhere with all of us and there were climbs spread out all over. I headed back to the south TP and thought I might even tag that one and the last one and head to goal without another thermal- I was so high. But by the time I dove for the windmills I was almost landing instead and hanging on tight to the rat shit I was getting. Two other gliders prepared for landing with me, and I continued on courseline to get as many K as possible. Then I hit something low and stayed with it. I was just enough to drift me towards the last TP and then it said I had goal by 70 meters… just enough…. I have no idea where my score was but when I bellied into the very furthest part of the goal field- zipped in and full VG til the very end, there were many other flex wings there. Lisa appeared and helped me get my stuff across the field to break down. Her flight ended in the north valley early on but she had stayed very positive about everything while on the radio so as not to bring me down. I saw Jamie’s kingposted glider and knew that once again, I was very slow. Having a full team next time I do this sort of thing would be great, having a corporate sponsor would take care of some of the other stresses, and I look at the whole German team and know they have got it down right. I think I will make it one of my missions in life to get more women interested in competition. The US should be more fully represented in this type of arena. I have learned so much here, this type of mountain flying is unlike anything at home. The people here are so nice, so laid back, so real. The women I am flying with seem more open and social than when we did this in the US. I now know what it is like to be the foreigner and I regret not having done more to make the women feel more welcome in Florida. We all have so much in common, our lives are parallel. Wow, I guess I am in a mood!
Flights: 1
Duration: 2:57
Alt msl: 3000meters
XC kms: 68 or so..


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