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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Well I hope these links come out okay.

Saturday's forecast was looking really sweet and I was all set up down in the LZ, ready for a tow. Mike Barber gave me some very awesome landing tips, after seeing a hearty whack the day before. Well the forecast wasn't panning out: "sunny and delightful" was more like "overcast and threatening" and after checking that it wasn't really a huge storm cell over Chattanooga in the distance, I decided to try a tow. My LS3S is so sweet on tow. It was uneventful besides getting pinned a second or two longer in the cart than I liked, but that was my own fault for not insisting on a cart with a lower bracket in back, or trying to lower the one I had even more. I didn't find much lift after I pinned off but I did happen to see a sky-high glider ( a trike?- must have been) scooting above and between a break in the clouds. There were gliders on the ridge so when I lost some altitude, I went and joined in the very light lift. And of course it was getting lighter and everyone began to sink out, me along with them. I set up a decent landing but it was crowded. One pilot landing 180 degrees different direction than the next, and I had to clear both of them, but- I did hammer in a lot more softly than normal.... Claire tried out my glider after that, and made landing it look pretty simple.

Oodles of knowledge:

Fun party Saturday night- great band, pretty good food (not very vegetarian-friendly however), great people, and lots of beer. Katrin and Caitlin loosened up and started dancing after threatening to turn in for the night earlier. They honored all the women with great gifts and the party went on past my bed-time. We headed up top and sacked right out since Caitlin wanted a run at the training hill early.
More later but here are some pics:
Caitlin Johnson
Training hill #1:
Training hill #2:
I'll wrap this up when I get more time. I still get to do Sunday with it's epic flying...


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