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Friday, May 01, 2009


Third task, bigger than yesterday, 90 miles int he same direction with a couple extra WPs. Getting out of the start was interesting, lots of crappy lift and when I found something good, I suddenly had lots of friends. But the glide to the first WP was fairly uneventful, and then I got caught in no man's land with a few pilots and Mark left for greener pastures. I stuck around and never got a good climb until Steve Larsen hooked a ripper that I jumped into with him going up at 1400fpm. Rough ass climb however. Then getting the second WP wasn't so tough, but all along the way to the 3rd, over Arcadia, I lost all hope of getting to goal. I just kept concentrating on relaxing in my WAY uncomfortable harness, in which I can't seem to bump head down, and squeaking through as many Ks as possible. Every time I thought I was done for, I would fly upwind off courseline and fine a sunny dry field and each time I was rewarded by vultures and hawks and other soaring birds picking me up like puppeteers and raising me up to almost cloudbase. I was hanging with Steve a lot, but we'd leave at different times, eventually I saw him on the ground ahead of me and picked a nice climb just past him from 300m over the dirt. At base again, I knew I had WP3 for sure, and Lucas was way below me to pimp off of if things got bad again. The clouds were lined up nice the 30K to goal, and I pretty much flew straight all the way. I did stop for a climb at one point when I picked what I thought was the goal field a few Ks further than it actually was, and again was surprised to see a bunch of gliders in a field directly below me when Mr Bill called up to me. My landing was at least on my feet, but my flare late and I put a nice divot into the goal field. My body is beginning to feel like someone ran a big rolling pin right over it a few times. I am sore!

Which leads me to the fct that I am beginning to hate my harness. It must be rectified.... Plus I am waiting for Jonny to get up this morning to change my impossible to pull VG cord. I can barely get 3/4 VG on and my glides are so horrible. I spend too much time climbing because of my inefficient glides. But 3 days 3 goals, I am tired but happy....

Airtime 4:41

Miles: 90


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