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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The rain cleared up after the soaking we got Sunday. Monday's task we feared was undercalled as the sky filled with nice cu's. The was the obvious lake effect hole over us and to the SSW but the task we called took us to La Belle (west) and then south to Imokolee to get around it. I towed (too) early, got drifted downwind in the broken clims- right into the blue hole. I landed after only a few Ks in sugar cane. My tow was grreat, my glider is flying fine, and I landed pretty good in the stiff breeze. I watched a huge gaggle to the north of me go by as I navigated my retrieve out of acres and acres of crops and canals with few bridges. Th farmhands watched me break down like I was an animal a the zoo, and one gave me a rideto where Dana was waiting. During the ride out to her, I got the greatest eco tour- 30 or more gators in and out of the water, turtles, birds... Pretty cool. But for sure I blew my flight this day and itstill stings. First task in almost a year- damn, thought it would go better. Well, let's see where I get to tomorrow....


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