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Friday, January 11, 2013

Forbes Day 3 Task 2 Shitty windy, didnt even want to rig. But sheep (or lemmings) that we are... I rigged. At least this day was cooler- in the 80s instead of 110. But really windy. #80 or so to launch and glad to be that late and wishing I was later. With a 10K start circle I still wasn't certain with all that wind I'd be able to stay inside. The penalty for leaving early is a big fat zero for some stupid reason. I had the second roughest tow of my life behind Jim Prahl. Unbelievably crappy! And when I got off it was a Forbes 2013 Tsk 2 Day 3 Ok I am going to try this again. I had a bit written up but blogger lost it all and I am super frustrated with the whole computer thing right now. So this might just be tabular style data.... Anyhow shitty tow behind Jim Prahl. Crazy windy day that I would never normally rig in. Had an hour to try to stay in the start circle and since Jamie had no radio I was on with the guys after promising not to talk. I feel pretty alone out here in the flying thing... Wish I had a crew like some people have ;-) Anyhow, the hand of God basically pushed me to meters from the ground way too far from the tow field so I had to turn downwind and get into a climb to save my ass low. I took the first clock with NO one else and bumbled on down the course line. I did begin to see a few people and the climbs were good but the drift was bad. It was cross or quartering tail and like 30-40kph. Zac caught me after taking the first clock and I got to hang with him for a couple thermals. Then he left one and I followed below and behind and missed the climb he was in. I searched a while but found myself on the ground 70 K or so out.BUMMER! Ah well. I landed like a helicopter in crazy wind and had to hold the wires a while just to unhook. I had so much wond breaking down and I flipped the glider with two straight undersurface battens in. It tore part of Sandee near the batten pocket and I tried to put that out of my head as I struggled to put her completely away. It was HOWLING. I pressed my spot and waited for retrieve. And waited... 4hours later the car arrived. I had seen exactly 2 vehicles while I was there. 4 hours right? two vehices... one a cop, one a HG retrieve that never stopped to see if I was okay ... Mike arrived at sunset and of course nothing but McDs is open late... Today a much lighter wind day. I had a tow behind the trike that was fabulous and he waved me off in a boomer at 1700'. Crazy gaggles til the start and then we were on our way. Good climbs to 6K and then I got slow waiting for Jamie but my choice because now her PTT is fixed. She kicks my ass in climb and on glide. She overtook me at the 2nd WP when we got super low. I swear all the sheep below us farted in unison to give that thermal a reason to break free. I caught up to her on the way to goal and we took turns pulling each other along in the dying day. Finally there just wasn't anything left and with just 19K to go... we landed together. Forbes Day 5 task 4 I SUCK. I had this day so mapped out, even knew the terrain for the first half pretty well. And I had great climbs, felt like I understood the day, and was getting really high- like 7800' asl. Screaming climbs, best day yet. I was cruising right along in a hard cross wind 20k from the WP that, when I tagged it, was gonna put me in a straight downwind line to goal. Except I decked it before the first WP... I was at around 7K and went on a glide- ignoring Matjaz who seemed to favor downwind. Bif=g mistake- I wish i went with him. I got a climb right where Jamie and I dug our way out the day before but after that, I got crushed in relentless sink and just could get out of it. I got a few turns in lifting air but all alone now I started panicking and that is for SURE what grounded me. I started flying around like a crazy person. Jamie and Rob were high downwind so I headed that way. But all I got were a few teases of lift and then I was soaring these low hills in some big wind. Finally I unzipped and landed on a steep downhill, REALLY steep. But it hardly mattered because the wind was so strong. Mike was there in like 10 minutes to hear me wail and moan and basically be a big crybaby all the way to chase Jamie and Rob. It was a great day to fly and race. I just fucked it up royally. Yuck.


  • You did great and I am proud of you.
    Kick Ass girl.

    By Blogger skydog, at 11:38 AM  

  • Hi Linda, don't be so hard on yourself, Learn from it and move on. Your doing awesome.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:25 PM  

  • Linda, you're awesome!!! You just can't see how much you HAVE accomplished. Be proud of yourself.

    If the flying gets to be too stressful, just boat around in the sky a bit and make sure you have a wonderful Australian vacation. We'll be just as proud of you no matter what. You rock!!!

    By Blogger JackieB, at 8:00 PM  

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