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Thursday, January 03, 2013

With new resolve to keep up my blog, I begin with a short post because it's almost time to go flying. Australia is amazingly beautiful, especially at night- you can actually see stars and the Milky Way will never seem the same for me. Sydney was cool- saw the zoo which meant a trip across the harbor in a ferry with almost 360deg view of the opera house.
Stanwell was supposed to be on so Saturday I spent the day unshorting my glider. I almost had things really screwed up but Ollie B saved the day by righting it all. The wind crossed out and everyone left the launch- I took a trip down to the beach leaving my glider set up and secured on top. Later it was blowing straight in and I got an hour flight right til dark. Launching my sweet new RX3 was a piece of cake - I didn't even get a real step in! I put the glider through a few paces and found it to be super easy handling but full VG on was scary with ZERO bar pressure. I was also hanging too high. So... some tuning.... The trip out to Forbes was hot and long. Lots of sheep dotting the countryside. Over the Blue Mountains and into the flats. Looked like a great flying day. Jamie found us great accommodations and Annie our hostess was super sweet. Monday, New Years' Eve, I got a couple three hours in the air at the tow paddock and still wishing to change the glider some. My landing approachhes are feeling strange- i think now i might have been PIOing not being used to where the uprights are at or the super light handling. Wednesday I got another flight in- New Years' Day was too windy anyhow. Another 2.5 hours or so after raising the sprogs 2 full turns. I was warned by Blenky not to pull full VG on at all. The limiter has been shortened now so I won't make that mistake. Still hanging around 2-3 inches too high on this flight but Thursday I borrowed a longer strap from Blenky and it's PERFECT. So each flight I have loved my glider more and more and it has scared the shit out of me less and less. Besides the fact that is way pinker than the purple I wanted, I think I am girl enough to rock that out. OK time to g fly. I'll get some more pics up at some point...


  • Great to see you posting again Linda! Enjoy the air and GOOD LUCK!
    Allen A.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:30 AM  

  • Keep on rockin' in the free world Linda!

    Stay relaxed on approaches and forget about all your competitors. Do what you do best. Have fun; the results will take care of themselves.

    Can't wait to fly with you back home.


    By Blogger John Bilsky, at 10:11 AM  

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