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Monday, March 27, 2006

Sunday March 26, 2006
Well today was a day NOT to fly- for me anyways. Ron and Joel were banging around in it for about an hour, while I was very very slowly setting up and watching. It was really howling in, snow squalls (or SLEET squalls) here and there, and an ugly looking sky. The two of them seemed oblivious mostly, but every once in a while you could see signs that it was rough for them. When Joel was wanging out front and the wind got lighter, I figured it would be okay air. He even yelled down that it was better. So I launch and for the first few minutes it was okay- tough to stay up above the ridge, but okay. I got a little higher and still okay- then it started getting nasty and it seemed that any where I went it was choppy. Ron was landing behind the church and I figured that I would like to be on the ground as well. I tried to avoid the lift on the way over- big lift here and there- tough to lose altitude. Then I found a bit of sink to 360 in but got kicked all over so I figure I'll try to hit the uphill near the pond to be safe. Well then the wind in the LZ is strong and parallel to rte 54 so I know it will be rotor near where I was headed, so I pick the "old LZ" as my target. I could barely handle my glider all the way to the ground. At one point I thought I would be IN the pond for all the good my inputs were doing. And I thought- oh shit- I don't want to get hurt just before the comps- and oh shit- I wish I had wheels on this glider- and oh shit- Adam's here and I don't want him to see me get killed- and just OH SHIT! Joel was navigating his approach in the same area so at least I was going to have a witness- or company dying.... Five feet before I was on the ground I felt very out of control. Then I just stuck this perfect landing and all was well... except I figured I better run and leave a whole bunch of room for Joel.
SO 13 minutes of just YUCK. And a reminder that some days there is just some air in which that I don't need to be flying. The sun came out as we were breaking down. Mark wondered what the hell we were doing over there on retrieve... In retrospect, I think I should have climbed out some and maybe waited til that ratty piece had moved on out. My arms were beat after that short wrestling match, leading me to think I need to hit the gym harder...
Hopefully today it will be better air. I know I ain't gonna launch til I'm sure.


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