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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Well, I haven't written in a while-not because I haven't flown ( I have, but not much)- but i have been busy with my new job. A job I really like! Free of that stupid bitch that I worked under at my last place of employment! I am a lot busier now that I am full-time and it doesn't always bother me to stay and get done what needs to get done.
June 24th was a hugely fun day at FLAP. I decked it after a short time on my first flight but when I towed up again, I got a slow painful climb near the water tower south of the field. When I finally got up to cloudbase (only 3K), it didn't seem like there was much else going on and the climbs were very few and far between. I sank low after a long searching glide and headed in to land again but caught something at 500' that took me back OVER the bases and in between, and the next hour or so I spent surfing around them and playing hide an seek with Scott Rowe and Dan Spier. What a blast! It was reminiscent of my Dragonfly flights with Bobby Bailey and I can't really say much more about that here. After winning "last one on the ground", I saw my honey Joe with his ankle all wrapped up in ice. Later he finds he did some pretty nasty damage to the whole joint. Bummer, so one less person to play that game against.
So anyhow, I have flown a bit since. It's just not turning into the most flyable of conditions or circumstances lately. I am reluctant to foot launch with my new harness again and I am not too thrilled with the prospect of flying my old Litespeed/CG harness. I'd love to have a Sport2 or something like it to fly the hills with. Maybe I'm getting burned out. I need a big XC flight to get my interest sparked again. With the proximity of the flight park, I haven't been down south in a while and when you can get a big flight in and still get home for dinner, it sometimes seems like too much of a time investment. But I long for a wonderwind flight, and hanging with other pilots (PGs!) afterwards at Bib Bin or something.... soon I hope.


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