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Friday, May 11, 2007

Task 3 rewrite-
I wrote up a detailed account of Task 3 but lost connectivity before posting – so I lost it. I am sure it was worthy of a Pulitzer Prize but I will have to do a digest version.
In Microsoft Word….
I got off to a bad start – me the bowling ball, other gliders the pins. Thermalling in a gaggle is just really hard for me anymore. I am sure I was a nuisance so I went off little on my own. At the start, I wound up gliding below everyone else and almost missed the first climb. While I dug myself out from below, I watched a couple gliders speck out near the first TP. I found that climb at took it pretty high myself, but I was way behind and alone. I saw Rob Clarkson way low and felt a little better, and when me and my wheels caught up with Dustin, I figured I was okay. Then next TP was easy; the third, a bit challenging. There is a big dry lake that looks like a swamp and I saw so many gliders very low there so I got conservative. Jim Scoles and I hooked up and had each other on the radio and we tagged TP3 together. The glide after that was dismal, but I found a corker at 1000’ and he came over to me in it. That got me to 8k and I had positive numbers for goal so I started to go. But the 16 miles I had to go proved too sinky and I soon had negative numbers. Needed a climb. Mark Dowsett glides great and I tried to keep up with him but I was dropping below pretty fast. I was over the town of Casa Grande, with 6 miles left and I was desperate at 1100’. Not gonna make it- searched for a place to land and did so. Bummer. 5 miles short. Mark made it in, as did a bunch of others. I am maintaining my spot but it’s LOW on the totem pole…. Maybe tomorrow…


  • Why does it seem like every time you mention my name it's followed by "way low"? I'm glad you started to blog again.

    Rob Clarkson

    By Blogger Captian Canada, at 12:57 AM  

  • dude- because you fly WHOLE TASKS way low!!!!!

    By Blogger Linda Salamone, at 8:06 AM  

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