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Friday, May 01, 2009

So how, after 3 days on a row of making goal, can I be in 19th place????? Ah speed, not my strong point. Today I fixed 3 out og 4 harness issues. I was way more comfortable, all the way zipped in, and a bit more head down. But I am so sore, so tired, that between WP3 and WP4 I was like- I'm done, I need to land... But of course I didn't. I'll write tomorrow about my flight, and post some pics while I'm doing laundry at Mom's, but right now, I am trying to see if I gained or lost in the standings by not making goal. Jeez, it was a tough day. I feel like someone has taken a 2x4 and beaten me with it. We'll see soon, the ceremony is just starting.....


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