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Monday, July 24, 2006

Saw a lot of faces yesterday that I aven't seen in a while. Saw their faces WAY TOO MUCH, in fact. Katrin, Karl, Alex, Moritz, Dan S., Dan W., Paul S., Lon, Jack, Doug, Matt, Dave B.... who am I forgetting? Hammonsport just didn't give up any decent flights- except Doug picked a decent cycle and soared for 15 min or better- enough to sucker me into setting up again and never launching! Dan S. had a slow descent, I tried and had a scary launch but recovered, and Moritz and Jack and Matt at least launched. Ah, well, another day another flight! I think Mossy might have been better. The tow park was working for some. I am just not doing the tug nazi thing so my calls won't include there- so don't follow me to the mountains if you have a shot at a flight there. We got to socialize a lot and Karl, Katrin, Alex, Adam and I headed to Bin Bin for a chow down so it wasn't a total waste of a day.... Thanks Katrin for the retrieve off the knob on rte 54...


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