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Friday, August 25, 2006

Wednesday was another halfway decent flying day here in New York... I thought it would be a light lucky thermal day but when I arrived at 2:45pm I saw Doug and Doug several hundred feet above the ridge with speedbars on.... Doug was getting high while Doug was hanging lower. I raced to get my glider set up and Jack had two tandems to do. With Bill's help he was ready right when I was and I launched first. Right away I thought the air was a little trashy- but I got a few hundred over and tried to assess the situation. Doug had landed but Doug was behind the church when Jack and his student launched. I pimped off them a while and watched Doug take a big ride a couple thousand feet over. I was late to get there, but I tried, and only got around 800'. It was up and down, sticky wing stuff most of the time. When Jack and Doug landed, I got low (no one to pimp off of) and it got pretty dicey next to the ridge. So I stayed far away and when I thought I'd have to land, I did wind up catching another "thermal" back to 600' over. Still it was short lived and I gave up the fight after an hour in the air. Jack thought it wasn't rough, Doug thought it was some of the roughest air he'd been in (but he's a weenie), and Doug said it was so so and he like doubled his airtime that day. I caught a body ride up and raced back down to get my wing together for another flight since Ron was having a great time soaring high now. Ed sledded so I gave him a ride back up. Jack and his second student sledded, but then Doug and Doug were up again so I launched in between them for another 25 minutes of a 200' over wonderwind. It was fun doing figure eights around the PGers... Ron and Doug definitely had flight-of-the-day honors to split between them. And I am left wishing I had all the pieces to my old Litespeed....


  • you almost always fly with "weenies" don't you?

    By Blogger OB, at 10:09 PM  

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