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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dansville 7.26.06
I finally made up my mind to go to Dansville yesterday afternoon after driving aimlessly for a while. PG-HG-RW-Bob and I hooked up and headed down and we were surprised to find it blowing in pretty perfectly according to the sock and we set up fast. He had his back to the launch window when I told him to turn around and go NOW since a hawk was climbing out right in the slot. He had a slow ascent in the slot and turned left. He wasn't climbing real good, but on his first pass he was like 50 feet over so I got ready. It was the easiest launch I'd had at Dansville in a long long time. Truly a flat slope- it was much easier with the Sting this time. So I turned right and got just under Bob and we just scratched around only around 200' over at times but it was fun to be atop that ridge once again! He gave up the ghost first and went to the apartments to land (that's the reason I picked the Sting off the top of the car) and he used up most of the runway. I waffled around a while and wanted to go to the west (it was slightly cross from the west) where around 30 buzzards were hovering above the old spa. I didn't want to make retrieve a pain in the butt so I stayed on the SW piece of ridge and finally sank out. While not an epic flight- just 40 minutes- it was a really big stress and sadness reliever however short my reprieve was. When I flew over Bob's head while he was talking with someone in the LZ, I yelled for a wind direction. Bob points to the mountain. Okay, like, what the hell does that mean??? I had a no-winder towards the apartment complex.....
So the guy he was talking to was Eric Miluk- ring a bell????


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