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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I have a paraglider!!!!!
Thanks, Doug!
After a nice flight on Sunday, November 9th, Doug Stoner loaned me his PG wing to learn how to fly it! We were at Katydid (CHEMUNG, NY- EAST OF ELMIRA), in overcast, cold, windy conditions and I had a chance to recover from my blown launch last week. My shiny new downtube needed some adjustments with the wires routed wrong, but I managed a very nice flight (got ABOVE Dan and Ron pretty quick), and definitely took landing honors for the afternoon. It was textured air, and of course I got cold very fast. And once I made the decision to go out and land, it was forever until I could actually lose altitude over the well marked LZ. Strangely bouyant... but my approach was good, my landing was a no-stepper (there was wind!) and we all headed to dinner for some socializing afterwards. So... a decent launch, flight, landing.. all after driving through the rain to get there. And Mark drove for me, just 5 days after having his hip replaced!!! Even Mimi got to hang out and be a hang gliding dog once again.
me and Doug and Mimi on launch, waiting for the wind to calm some.
you can't have a name like Stoner and not wear winnie the pooh cold weather gear (actually that's tigger)....
JB and student- they soared for half an hour...

My perfect no-stepper...

Okay so we'll try not to let overconfidence set in again. It eats metal!

So, Jamie and Ron and Ed and Dan and John all had really nice flights this cold crappy rainy Sunday. How 'bout that?


Flights: 1

Airtime: 48 minutes

Alt2: 450m OL


  • Dear Linda,
    have You heared that the most dangerous paraglider pilots are changed hangies ?
    Please donĀ“t breake Your nose while paragliding.
    I want to see You on Tegelberg here in Germany at the next womens worlds!
    Greetz, W.

    By Anonymous winDfried, at 5:04 AM  

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